Quick Start

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/boost-ext/di/cpp14/include/boost/di.hpp
  • Include the header and define di namespace alias
#include "boost/di.hpp"
namespace di = boost::di;
  • Compile with C++14 support
$CXX -std=c++14 ...


[Boost].DI compiles with -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti -Wall -Wextra -Werror -pedantic -pedantic-errors

  • To run tests
git clone https://github.com/boost-ext/di && cd di && make


  • No external dependencies are required (neither STL nor Boost)

Supported/Tested compilers


Macro Description
BOOST_DI_VERSION Current version of [Boost::ext].DI (ex. 1'0'0)
BOOST_DI_CFG Global configuration allows to customize provider and policies (See Config)
BOOST_DI_CFG_CTOR_LIMIT_SIZE Limits number of allowed constructor parameters [0-10, default=10] (See Injections)
BOOST_DI_CFG_DIAGNOSTICS_LEVEL Gives more information with error messages (See Error messages)
BOOST_DI_NAMESPACE_BEGIN namespace boost::inline ext::di::inline v_{version}_{revision}_{patch} {

Exception Safety

  • [Boost].DI is not using exceptions internally and therefore might be compiled with -fno-exceptions.
  • Check User Guide to verify which API's are marked noexcept.

Thread Safety

  • [Boost].DI is thread safe.

Error Messages

  • [Boost].DI is designed to give great diagnostic errors. The examples below will show you the actual error messages for different scenarios. Check Concepts to check it out.


  • [Boost].DI has none run-time overhead and compiles faster than Java's DI frameworks. Check Benchmarks to see more.